Biodiversity and Climate Change (in German)

This textbook provides a unique synthesis of observed and projected effects of climate change on species, habitats and ecosystem services in Central Europe. It is attractively illustrated and easy to read. The textbook is a joint effort of over 70 leading scientists, and it is institutionally supported by the three national environmental agencies (D + A + CH). In short, a must read for everyone interested into the climate & biodiversity-nexus.

Essl & Rabitsch (Hrsg.) (2017): Biodiversität und Klimawandel. Auswirkungen und Handlungsoptionen für den Naturschutz in Mitteleuropa. 2. Auflage. Springer.

Endemic species in Austria (in German)

For the first time, an inventory of all species that are only found in Austria and its immediate neighborhood is presented. The surprising result: there are 748 species! This bookcovers all Austrian endemic species with colour photos and range maps – a must for everybody interested in Austrian natural history.

Rabitsch & Essl (Hrsg.) (2009): Endemiten: Kostbarkeiten aus Österreichs Pflanzen- und Tierwelt.

Biological Invasions and Climate Change – a fatal affair? (in German)

Climate change and biological invasions are increasingly important drivers of species distributions changes. On the one hand, many native species are decling, on the other hand, new ones – especially alien species – are constantly expanding. Which species are they, what are their ecological requirements and where do they come from? How do climate change and biological invasions interact in driving biotic changes? These topics are discussed in this nicely illustrated book.

Rabitsch & Essl (Hrsg.) (2012): Aliens: Neobiota und Klimawandel – eine verhängnisvolle Affäre?

Habitat diversity in Austria (in German)

Austria is a country with tremendous habitat diversity, as it encompasses habitats from east European steppes to high mountain peaks in the Alps. However, this diversity is increasingly threatened. This book summarizes the results oft he „Red List of Austrian Habitats“ and provides a synthesis on threat status, and management priorities to halt the loss of high nature value-habitats. The book is fully illustrated and an important read for everyone interested in nature conservation in Austria.

Essl & Egger (Hrsg.) (2010): Aliens: Neobiota und Klimawandel – eine verhängnisvolle Affäre?—Gef%C3%A4hrdung-und-Hanldungsbedarf