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Ahmed A. E. M., Mozzon M., Omer A., Shaikh A. M., & Kovács B. (2024). Major and Trace Elements of Baobab Leaves in Different Habitats and Regions in Sudan: Implication for Human Dietary Needs and Overall Health. Foods, 13(12).
Vanjil G., Kortz A., Lenzner B., Chuluunbat J., Chuluunbat S., Magsar U., et al. (2024). Alien flora of Mongolia: species richness, introduction dynamics and spatial patterns. Biological Invasions, (0123456789).
Roy H. E., Pauchard A., Stoett P. J., Renard Truong T., Meyerson L. A., Bacher S., et al. (2024). Curbing the major and growing threats from invasive alien species is urgent and achievable. Nature Ecology And Evolution.
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