Misson Statement

Our research is centred at the crossroads of Invasion Science, Macroecology, Biogeography and Conservation Biology, with a strong focus on human-environment interactions.

The following aspects are at the core of our research:

  • understanding patterns and underlying processes of biodiversity change at local to global scales and the processes that shape human-environment systems in an era of rapid global environmental change
  • assessing consequences of biodiversity loss and reorganization on ecosystem services and human livelihoods and addressing related issues by investigating different biodiversity conservation approaches
  • developing innovative ideas and concepts characterizing biodiversity change and biological invasion phenomena in the Anthropocene
  • engaging in science-policy communication to shape environmental policy at the national and international level and promote best practices in biodiversity conservation
  • communicating and interacting with the broader public to raise awareness for environmental change and its effects on human livelihoods and biodiversity

We are committed to a collaborative, inter-disciplinary, open-minded research culture complemented by highly active international scientific exchange. Consequently, we have established a sizable international scientific network and are open for new scientific collaborations.