Austrian Biodiversity Council meets President Van der Bellen

Experts from the Austrian Biodiversity Council used the opportunity of their visit to President Alexander Van der Bellen to draw attention to the increasing pressure to biodiversity. Van der Bellen sees the preservation of nature as an important task, also with regard to future generations:

Most people are already aware of the climate crisis. However, many people do not yet realise just how much we are affected by the biodiversity crisis and the extinction of species. Climate protection and nature conservation are two sides of the same coin. We must preserve our beautiful nature and our planet for future generations – we owe it to them. I am therefore delighted that numerous experts in Austria have come together to form a Biodiversity Council with the aim of raising awareness of this important issue”

said Van der Bellen following the discussion. (original quote in German, translated with DeepL)

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Austrian Biodiversity Council meets President Van der Bellen in the Hofburg. © HBF/Karlovits