In the AlienScenarios project, we will quantitatively elucidate the range of plausible future invasion trajectories, provide crucially needed data for pro-active alien species management and policy, and explore options for arriving at preferred futures through the adaptation of existing policies.
GloNAF (Global Naturalized Alien Flora) is a living database project about alien plant species and became a synonym for many related projects dealing with all kinds of scientific and policy relevant questions and studies about alien species (also other taxa) and related data.
COST Action CA17122 is a research network funded by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology).

The Action will address multidisciplinary research questions in relation to developing and implementing Citizen Science; advancing scientific understanding of Alien Species dynamics while informing decision-making, specifically implementation of technical requirements of relevant legislation such as the EU Regulation 1143/2014 on Invasive Alien Species.
In AgriWeedClim we will compare agricultural weeds for their invasive potential under climate and land use change developing a management adaptation toolkit to aid stakeholders across all groups.
Update of the Checklist of Non-Native Vascular Plant Species of Austria.

The first checklist of Austrian alien vascular plants was published in 2002 and contained 1110 taxa. Additional information on the species such as their regional establishment and potential pathways leading to their introduction are given as far as they are known. The database was partially updated in 2009. As part of the update of all alien species checklist for Austria, this database will be updated. Along with the addition of many new vascular plant species the information on all alien vascular plants will be updated. Further, database categories regarding introduction pathways will be updated to current categories compatible with international standards.